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Wakefield ( 15 seconds ago )

pimplove : Looking at the comments I wonder if we all saw the same movie. This was easily a masterpiece to me. I was pulled in start to finish. There was never a dull moment watching this man sink deeper and deeper into his own thoughts. I loved this movie. so haunting... shows how easily all of us can just unravel. 9/10

Queen of the South ( 3 minutes ago )

LaaLuxx : Checkmate? Great episode!!

Chuck ( 5 minutes ago )

jameshuang1218 : The whole episode makes me cringe. WTF Morgan? He is so not redeemable. I guess this is their way of killing off the show.

The Unkindness of Ravens ( 11 minutes ago )

VegasWalkinDude : I dreamy assault on the senses as we witness a man descend into madness. Or do we? We'll leave the interpretation of what happened in The Unkindness of Ravens to philosophical discussions over coffee or liquor. But the film itself is one of those rarities that is compelling to watch and gets the viewer engrossed in it despite the film having no real story whatsoever. Jamie Scott Gordon plays an Afghanistan war veteran who is suffering from extreme PTSD and homelessness. We see him wander the streets of Scotland and then the secluded island in sort of a dreamy state, occasionally offset by strange sounds and caws from the ravens. Then comes his doppelganger who warns him of the dangers coming in the form of the Raven King and his cronies. But still, even at that hinge moment in the script, where you wonder if Unkindness will finally decide a path in which to travel, it still meanders. And that maybe is where the film fails. It throws inexplicable scene after scene of apparent psychotic visions without any real explanation or reason to them. For some, a story that vague is perfectly okay. But here, it feels limp. But just when you think you have the film figured out, the climax erupts into a visual hodgepodge of disturbing visions as though director Lawrie Brewster attempted to capture the imagery painted by Luca Signorelli in "The Damned Cast into Hell" or some other Renaissance artist's rendition of damnation. There are elements of Jacobs Ladder as well as Pi in Unkindness, but without the foundation of a solid story. And that's where Gordon deserves accolades. This is a movie that is entirely carried by his disturbed veteran character, and his acting is up to the task of making you believe his pain and insanity. It's just too bad the filmmakers couldn't give Gordon a better script in which to act. Fair warning, for some, Unkindness may even feel insulting to those real military veterans who do suffer from PTSD and other psychological effects of service. I wouldn't blame them for being incensed to an extent.

Deadly Lessons ( 18 minutes ago )

sunshinedaydreamz : This is horrible. Acting... BAD, totally NOT creepy weird kid in every scene staring with this stupid look on his face. He is supposed to be stalking but it's so laughable. It's just F grade Lifetime. Skip it.

Killjoys ( 24 minutes ago )

PASSWORD_USERID : Yassss!!! Thanks for the links uploaders!!! Flick :D

The Recall ( 34 minutes ago )

Apedaddy : Definitely not the best movie Snipe's has been in. Good for a one time watch. 4/5, thanks uploaders.

The Missing Hand ( 37 minutes ago )

finigan1 : I liked it,it is ridiculous and funny.some good old british humor,4/5.

Spider-Man Homecoming ( 38 minutes ago )

locomojoboy : I was disappointed with this movie. I dont mind Tom as spiderman, I just didnt like how they changed they spidey we all knew and love. Not to mention how they made this film to appease the SJWs. Flash was a white, big, muscular, dumb jock/bully to peter parker. Here they changed him into a scrawny, east indian kid who is in the math club, is not intimidating, and tries way too hard to be. And Shocker was a complete joke and waste of potential. It was pathetic and embarrassing for Marvel to go this route, but will the failure of their SJW comic book sales, I'm not surprised to see them introduce it into the MCU. The only thing i really loved about this film was the Vulture. Michael Keaton was a great match for this villain, and his suit was sick AF. I loved the way it was designed and how badass it was when it flew. I am SO DAMN SICK of seeing the Green Goblin in the old Spiderman films (not to mention that he sucks and that Hobgoblin should have been the first goblin as villain) that it's nice to see other villains get the love they deserve.

SafeWord ( 50 minutes ago )

Established1971 : Using my safe word before even attempting this dumpster fire. NO!!!!!!!

THE END Inside the Last Days of the Obama White House ( 55 minutes ago )

sunshinedaydreamz : Did as much damage as he could! So who cares.

Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands ( 58 minutes ago )

bazemi : does anyone knows if this show gets a second season?

Love Island ( 1 hour ago )

knightslayer57 : does anyone REALLY doubt that it is true...if so, you need to hear about this multi level marketing plan that I have found, or should look into this beachfront property in southern Louisiana...great opportunities if you hold onto hope when reason is slapping you in the face.

Game of Thrones ( 1 hour ago )

Son_of_Wibble : Genuine question. Would others here consider the pressing need to masturbate furiously, every time the intro theme for GOT starts, a natural expression of pleasure or deeply perverted? Asking for a friend...

Predestination ( 1 hour ago )

Sarsaparilla : Pretty good movie, not your action movie, or much special effects this is a true telling of a story. And to me those are the best and most interesting to watch unfold.

Awakening the Zodiac ( 1 hour ago )

mikeysdevilish : not very good but watchable all the way though. nothing spec ial at all though

Firebase ( 1 hour ago )

kingarco66 : Blomkamp leaves em hangin because they are meant to be samples of films that could be expanded to full features PRESUMING someone backs him financially in a way he feels comfortable with .. apparently he regards Elysium and Chappie as 'failures' due to lack of sufficient financial success combined with too much 'big hollywood' producer oversight .. I doubt many real sci fi fans would consider those as 'crappy' films, personally to me it feels like sci fi that was actually made in the future! lol .. Blomkamp is betting all his own assets on Oats studios and these shorts so heres hopin he doent end up in the gutter, that somone will back him and not try to micromanage his art

Psych ( 1 hour ago )

SHiMmy23 : Can't wait for Psych The Movie coming this December :D !

The Flash ( 1 hour ago )

bondad : The guy's touch turned bullets to dust instantly; so how come he can wear clothes, or walk on the ground? Eat or drink? His 'talent' would kill himself - not to mention causing extreme embarrassment in public!

Wrecked ( 1 hour ago )

jross31 : Possibly the most underrated comedy on tv right now. Tbs actually has a pretty decent lineup of comedies right now with this, the detour, people of earth and angie tribeca.

The 4th ( 1 hour ago )

GeminiSaga : This guy is such a loser it's depressing.

Wakefield ( 1 hour ago )

Lucy18960 : Such good reviews and I just could not enjoy it at all.

Ozark ( 1 hour ago )

j3nn67 : another winner ....such a great new show

Gettin' Da Munchies ( 1 hour ago )

Tiklberry : needs working links please.

Spider-Man Homecoming ( 1 hour ago )

dsteinhall : I liked it! It was fun to watch!!

Married at First Sight ( 1 hour ago )

origamibird : Daniela is a TOTALLY MESSED UP biotch.

Queen of the South ( 2 hours ago )

wildreign : this is the best show out right now!

Spider-Man Homecoming ( 2 hours ago )

bajej : Did not enjoy this version of Spiderman at all, focus was too much on comedy, this made Spiderman seem like a bungling fool, as a result the story got lost in the comedy. Writers got this all wrong. If you prefer a comedic spidery then this is for you.

First Kill ( 2 hours ago )

TheGravyTrain : What I took from this movie is that Emmett Furla tried to correct that fuck-up movie they did "Marauders" with this one but fucked it up even worse than they did.

Ozark ( 2 hours ago )

SizzyLove : A full flashback, how it all started eppy....

Wakefield ( 2 hours ago )

tradwan : In movies such as this, the writers and directors must be all in. Its go big or go home. I feel they were tiptoeing around a genious idea, but were afraid it wouldn't be commercially succesfull. More to the point: this could have been a masterpiece of self-reflection and a deep psychological analysis of how society works at a relationship/interaction level. However, this is not for everyone, so they kept the phylosophy to a minimum and threw in some russians, somewhat of a car chase, and some close-enough nudity. Bryan Cranston was brilliant, but this hesitations regarding the film's production anchored it to a mere long pointless flick.

The Mist ( 2 hours ago )

SASALI : where that come from , !!! oh yes she was in mood .. wow . Oscar if acting

Killer Women with Piers Morgan ( 2 hours ago )

VioletEyez : thank you for the upload primewire ! I find this show very interesting as they are women killers and that is not always touched upon...not too mention, the majority are such good liars and appear intelligent and caring enough to have not committed the crimes but alas the evidence is always abundant. Decent show, Piers does a good job but at times he goes easy on them- would like to see an interview show where they don't go easy on the criminals ! watch this if you want to learn how NOT to act in society-male or female :)

Spider-Man Homecoming ( 2 hours ago )

eccsame : Decent copy - Audio 7/10, video 6/10 Definitely watchable.

Love Island ( 2 hours ago )

nakedheart : 'Girl Code' was hilarious. IMO it seems one couple only voted that way because of a previous text and not because of love island. It also seems like Amber only voted based on friendship and not love.

Flip or Flop Atlanta ( 2 hours ago )

greenguy86 : First impressions, the 2 new hosts are a bit bland. This first house was a massive undertaking but we just didn't see all the details and that is unfortunate. I'll give it a couple more episodes.

The Mist ( 2 hours ago )

milliedillie : 5 episodes in and still waiting for some horror/thriller. Just drama and a little mist here and there. The sex scene was so bad I had to laugh. I really don't even see the point of the mist because people are still running around in it. Not very creative at all but will stick it out for this first season just to see where it goes.

Ace the Case ( 2 hours ago )

M4t7_The_Ninja : Meh wasn't that great 4/10

Ozark ( 2 hours ago )

nascar68 : I'm hooked. Very entertaining.

The Flash ( 2 hours ago )

bondad : If these guys can run at Mach II etc, how come a trash station wagon can stay ahead of them? Also, originally, didn't Barry have to eat a lot to replenish his energy or he passed out? Now he just rnns, goes through time, crosses continents and only has the occasional burger! Oh! And aside from what the other reviewer pointed out about the security guard (nice one dude!) other dumb point in this ep: Challenge by combat is to the death! - 'Has anybody ever beaten her?' duh!!! She's still alive sissyco

The Shack ( 2 hours ago )

MyrnaC : Finally, a film that leaves the viewer thinking, inspired, and leaving a pleasant experience after watching it. Few movies are like this. If you enjoyed The Blind Side, which gives the same feelings, then you should enjoy this as well.

The Mist ( 3 hours ago )

wildreign : Thank you very much I really appreciate it!

The Standups ( 3 hours ago )

little_poppet : brutal! lol... (and some extra words to please the filter lords)

Firebase ( 3 hours ago )

finigan1 : Damn,this is likely the best short Blomkamp and oats studios has put out yet,5/5.The only thing I don't like is that they leave you hanging the same as Rakka and Zygote.A must watch though in my opinion.They need the backing so they can finish these great stories!

The Mist ( 3 hours ago )

Lucy18960 : Some sick stuff with allot of background in between.

The Mist ( 3 hours ago )

MelHitchSlappin : Skip this episode, its boring as hell. I stopped watching half way thru bc I realized i wanted to do something interesting with my time instead of waste it. Like writing warnings for others in the comments section before finding something else to watch while fixing a drink. Yea its that bad

The Mist ( 3 hours ago )

LisaLuvsMovies : Why did I have to wait for 35 minutes in order to see some sci-fi action?? The whole show is based upon the mist and 35 minutes wasted on information that isn't important. Coming from watching The Strain, it made this show look so weak. Five episodes in and the story is still not progressing! I'm trying to hang in there but, interest is running out.

The First 48 ( 3 hours ago )

meus : I watched the latest, correct episode (somewhere else) and for those saying there are only 16 episodes so far (as of July 21, 2017).. you're wrong. There are 20. The 20th ep aired July 20.

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Queen of the South

LaaLuxx : Checkmate? Great episode!!


jameshuang1218 : The whole episode makes me cringe. WTF Morgan? He is so not redeemable. I guess ...

The Unkindness of Ravens

VegasWalkinDude : I dreamy assault on the senses as we witness a man descend into madness. Or do w ...

Deadly Lessons

sunshinedaydreamz : This is horrible. Acting... BAD, totally NOT creepy weird kid in every scene sta ...


PASSWORD_USERID : Yassss!!! Thanks for the links uploaders!!! Flick :D

The Recall

Apedaddy : Definitely not the best movie Snipe's has been in. Good for a one time watch. ...

The Missing Hand

finigan1 : I liked it,it is ridiculous and funny.some good old british humor,4/5.

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